SAC 2017 Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to attend the conference under regular registration?

Registration is split into three different segments: early registration, regular registration and late registration. The registration fee and timeline for each segment can be seen below:

  • Early Registration (Jan. 1st - Feb 14th, 2017): $40.00
  • Regular Registration (Feb. 15th - Mar. 15th, 2017): $50.00
  • Late Registration (Mar. 16th - Mar 23rd, 2017): $60.00

If you are registering as a student branch counselor (1 per IEEE Student Branch), your registration cost is waived.

Please note the above registration fees and timelines only apply to the first 10 students per student branch. If your student branch is bringing more than 10 students, each additional student will be charged a flat-rate registration fee of $60, and those students will be responsible for arranging hotel accommodations.

How many students are allowed to attend?

Up to 10 students from each school will pay a subsidized registration fee to attend (either $40, $50, or $60, depending on when the ticket is purchased). Each additional student after 10 students will pay a flat rate of $60 and will responsible for reserving a hotel at their own expense. Reservations at the Courtyard Marriott in Glassboro, NJ can be made by calling +1-856-881-0048.

Are graduate students welcome?

Yes, graduate students are welcome! However, their participation in competitions might be limited. Please see "Competitions" section for more information.

Where can we park?

Parking will be provided for overnight guests at the Courtyard Marriott. Additional parking for all other attendees will be determined.

What is the attire for the day?

As this is a professional conference and there will be many opportunities for networking, attire will be business casual during the day of Saturday, April 8th. However, the banquet dinner on the night of Saturday, April 8th requires formal attire.

Where is the banquet being held?

Masso's Crystal Manor

What are the requirements to attend?

Students attending must be a national IEEE member and attend a college or university with an active IEEE Student Branch in IEEE Region 2.

What food will be served at the banquet dinner?

Boneless Breast of Capon Cordon Bleu, Baked Flounder (in lemon butter sauce), or Pasta Primavera (vegetarian option).

What does the cost of registration include?

If you are one of the 10 students from your student branch who registered at a subsidized cost, then the cost of registration includes 2 nights at the Marriott hotel (Glassboro, NJ), 3 meals on Saturday, April 8th (including banquet dinner) and all competition fees.

If you are an additional attendee (more than 10 students from one branch), you will be required to pay a flat rate of $60, which will include 3 meals on Saturday, April 8th (including banquet dinner) and all competition fees. However, you WILL be responsible for arranging hotel accommodations at your own expense.

Any questions not answered on this page? Please contact [email protected]!